Cat ba island is the best place in the safe country to visit

Cat ba island Vietnam is a safe country to visit, even for women traveling alone, with violent crime rare and no specific safety warnings issued by the U.S. State Department.

Located further from Halong Bay, the waters are less frequented by junk ships, and as a result, waters here are much clearer and free from litter. This was the best part of our Halong Bay cruise with V’Spirit Kayaking is actually one of the best ways to get closer to great scenery. The waters at these bays are turquoise clear, in contrast to the polluted waters at the busy waterways of Halong Bay (Take note that no lessons at kayaking are given, not even basic instructions, so we really had to learn on the job!). Almost every tourist on a 2 night extended cruise at Halong Bay will be brought to the pearl farm and museum.

Being situated in the Tonkin Golf, Halong bay is one of the world’s natural wonders – a bay with more than 3,000 islands, which time, wind and waves have sculpted into fantastic shapes. The bay is dotted with tiny islands, pristine sandbanks on the turquoise water providing an excellent backdrop for swimming or just lazing on the sun deck.

Car pick up Hanoi airport to old quarter and transfer to Halong City, drive through the plain of the Red River delta to Ha Long in Quang Ninh province – One of the great wonders. Evening: You have one night at Monkey Island Resort, in Bungalow in comfortable room with air condition. There you will sail beautiful Halong Bay and delight at water puppets in Hanoi.

Many travel agents often comment that it is rare to find a place on Ha Long Bay so full of aesthetic beauty, biodiversity, and culture as Bai Tu Long Bay – basically an outdoor museum where more than 340 million years of history is stored and conserved. Van Don also gives tourists the option of discovering more about it through eco-tourism and spirit-oriented tours to Van Don Port, Bai Tu Long National Park, Cai Bau Pagoda, Quan Lan temple and pagoda complex, among many others. Joining 3 day & 2 night tour to explore the breathtaking and peaceful view on this unique halong bay.

After enter the village gate (see the picture), you have a chance to experience the villagers’ daily life as well as the traditional culture and customs of the fishermen, who live in the World Heritage Area of Halong Bay. With the support of the tourists and travel companies like Halong Tours bookingcom, IMC, the village boasts a training establishment for their children. Their bustling calling and their flopping rowing liven up the atmosphere of the quite bay.

May be it was not the best idea of sending a still half ill passenger on the tender boat and a small motorboat for hours across the multiplication of nowhere, but all the people working for this tour were very helpful and caring. Including: Bus and driver, English-speaking tour guide, Ha Long bay registration, boat, cruise, lunch (Vietnamese food), cave entrance fee, kayak, and return trip on speedboat. Halong bay is one of the World Heritage Sites in Vietnam ans was recognized by UNESCO in 1994. See more Cat ba package tours and Boat tour: Board boat around 12:00, lunch will be served on the boat, while we cruise and enjoy the breathtaking view around the bay.

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